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Maximize your ad reach and reduce costs and workload with UGC video ads designed for you

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Video Ads
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Yes, I want UGC Ads

Smooth 3-Step Process

Choose your creator

We send you the shortlisted list of video creators who are ready to create UGC video for your brand, once you approve, we ask you to ship your products to them

Let them express

Video creators  create videos for your brand based on brief and voiceover guidance given by us.

We do the magic

We receive these videos, edit them and convert them into high converting videos

Yes, I want UGC Ads

Top notch quality

Insane quality for your UGC video at your fingertips

High Performing

UGC videos that convert your viewers into buyers

Unique. Made for you

Each video is made specially for you based on your brand needs

Advertising rights

Videos are all yours and so are the advertising rights

ROI focused

Expect 50-100% increase in your ad performance, sales and profits

Fast Delivery

Get your UGC videos in just 14 days on average

Yes, I want UGC Ads



6 video ads

+18% GST

Shortlisting of video creators

Video scripts

Video direction

Creator management

Top notch editing

Personal branding

Advertising rights

Lifetime ownership.

14 day delivery on average


Unlimited revisions

Dedicated project manager



10 video ads

+18% GST

Everything you get in basic



20 video ads

+18% GST

Everything you get in basic

Raw files


What is a UGC Video?

User-generated content (UGC) refers to any form of content (text, videos, images, etc.) created by consumers or users of a brand, rather than by the brand itself. UGC videos are those videos that are created by customers or users instead of brands for marketing purposes.

Why are UGC Videos so effective?

UGC videos are effective for several reasons: they are authentic, relatable, and engaging; they help build brand trust and loyalty; they give customers a voice and make them feel heard; and at the same time, they are cost-effective compared to professionally produced or commercial videos.

How long does it take to create a UGC video?

The time it takes to create a UGC video can vary depending on the complexity of the project. However, our team works efficiently to deliver high-quality videos within a reasonable timeframe.

Do you cover the video brief?

Yes, we do.

Will you cover coordinating with the video creators?


Who will be our primary contact?

Your brand will be assigned with a dedicated project manager and a video editor. The project manager will be your primary point of contact.

What strategies do you employ to ensure ad effectiveness?

We conduct a thorough market research and analysis to understand the target audience's preferences and behaviour. We focus on creating compelling and relevant ad content that resonates with the audience. Only then we start ideating the content.

What level of customisation and personalisation can the agency offer?

Our agency specialises in creating customised ad campaigns tailored to the unique needs and goals of each client. We prioritise personalization by segmenting audiences based on demographics, interests, and online behaviour. We also offer dynamic ad creative solutions that adapt to individual user preferences in real-time, maximising relevance and engagement.

What is the agency's experience with similar e-commerce brands?

Our agency has extensive experience working with e-commerce brands across various industries and verticals. We have successfully executed campaigns for clients ranging from startups to established enterprises, delivering tangible results in terms of increased sales, brand awareness, and market share. Our team understands the nuances of the e-commerce landscape and is adept at developing strategies that drive measurable business outcomes.

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